WNY Fiddle Kids

The WNY Fiddle Kids were established in 2011 by Heather (Smith) Pennington, a talented classical and country violinist in her own right.
This group of nearly two dozen remarkably talented kids (all taught by Mrs. Pennington) play at fairs, churches, farmers markets and other private events throughout upstate NY and Pennsylvania.
Best described as traditional Bluegrass with a modern twist, these kids continue to astonish crowds with their virtuosity and skills at such a young age.
From the southern Buffalo area, the WNY Fiddle Kids range in age from 7 to 17, and enjoy playing a variety of fiddle styles from traditional folk tunes, to Irish Jigs, to flashy Bluegrass show tunes. They also work very hard with their classical violin studies and compete regularly for participation in area orchestras in New York State.