South Buffalo Fresh Air Club

The South Buffalo Fresh Air Club was founded in 1936 by a number of lads from the Seneca Street section of South Buffalo including, Dennis “Bing” Collins, Jack “Shiny Face” Collins, Eugene “Pretty Boy” Connolly, Jim Farrell, Tom Frawley, Tig Gleason, Henry Kreis and Joe Schoellkopf. The club’s members remember and seek inspiration from those who have gone before.  

The South Buffalo Fresh Air Club believes that the primary focus of any civic organization is to try to make the community a better place, quietly and without fanfare, keeping it simple, while still having fun. 

The South Buffalo Fresh Air Music Club’s roots trace back to a 2011 get together for NY State Supreme Court Justice Lynn Keane which featured music by Barry Fitzgerald, Neil Farrell and original members of the South Buffalo Fresh Air Club, Jim Keane and his brother Cornelius Keane. The club meets monthly and is devoted to the promotion of group music playing and singing, and like the original South Buffalo Fresh Air Club, to the betterment of the community. Featuring singer/songwriter/violinist Blair Skowronski, the band plays eclectic sets including Celtic, rock n roll, country, and show tunes.