Once again this year Music Workshops will be conducted by our premier musicians.  The workshops are in the MUSIC WORKSHOP POP-UP TENT  located in Heritage Park along the shaded area behind the gazebo.

On the guitar, Bill Hedderich will conduct a workshop from l:00-2:00PM.  Bill is Sunset Bluegrass’ lead vocalist and plays lead and backup guitar.  Bill started playing bass as a teenager in a rock band.   He later moved to guitar, playing country and bluegrass.  Bill also plays lead guitar for two local country bands.

Pete Mirando will conduct a free banjo workshop in the POP-UP tent located in Heritage Park from 2:00-3:00PM.  Pete is the leader of Sunset Bluegrass and has been a banjo teacher for 43 years.  He has played with a number of bands which were predominantly bluegrass or folk in flavor and has written an instruction book and contributed columns in Banjo Newsletter.


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