Coldstone Cruiser

About Coldstone Cruiser

If you know ice cream, you already know enough to know Cold Stone is where you gotta stop to get a fix like none other. Now it just got a whole lot easier to get that fix, cause that fix is coming straight to you. Cold Stone Cruiser is bringing sheets of frozen joy to the streets Buffalo, and rolling away the doldrums with sweet bliss, chomp by very full chomp.

Book the Cold Stone truck to get all their rolling magic rolled up at your next big party, be it big or small. There’s no function they can’t improve, and no palate they can’t please, so give ’em a call, and get to rolling. And trust us when we say: Orchard Park’s never had a better ice cream truck rolling its way.


  • Coffee Lovers Only – caffiends, heed this warning and fulfill your cravings with Cold Stone’s premium coffee ice cream, infused with heath bar chunks and almonds drizzled in caramel

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